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All About the Music Foundation

This foundation is in created in the spirit of my late brother and father Sean Andre and Andre Perkins both very, very passionate about music. At a very young age Sean was approached by an agent to do films. He particularly loved hip-hop music and at the age of twelve, Sean was offered a recording deal by a road manager for EPMD and Run-DMC. As an adolescent Sean constantly took creative risks in a field in which one must constantly practice the skills of rhyme with thought and creative expression. He continued to pursue recording as aspiring artist under the name of MC Brickhouse and later Shae-Lo in a rap group called MC2. As an individual, Sean was influenced by the ingenious delivery of rappers such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie to name a few amassing a huge hip-hop collection. One of the most notable qualities of my brother was he never used profanity or language that degraded women or his community. He strove to express his feelings in a world beset with obstacles for young black males in society never acquiescing to the opinions of others.

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